Frequently Asked Questions

Disposition Direct Provides Valuable Information About Available Real Estate For Investment Purposes, Sales Purposes, And Rental Purposes. Here Are Some Of Our Most Asked Questions. Please Feel Free To Contact Us For More Information.

We are a company that is essentially dedicated to providing a user-friendly
and reliable platform for off-market real estate deals and investment opportunities.
Thus, making properties more accessible to buyers, sellers, and Investors.

Disposition Direct does not verify any information about the properties,
buyers and sellers are advised to “DO YOUR OWN DUE DILIGENCE” •

We are based in Detroit, MI. However, we work with investors all over the

You can simply call 313-241-4161 or email us and a dedicated team member will assist you.

Please call 313-241-4161 or email us, a team
member will definitely reach out to you and explain everything you need to know.

We cater to off-market real estate investment deals and rentals.

If you are buying and reselling or leasing properties for yourself or your
company, you do not need a license. You only need a license when you’re
representing a buyer or seller in a transaction, which is what real estate agents do,
not investors.

•Please feel free to call 313-241-4161 or email us We will attend to your needs as soon as possible.

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